Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an optimization technique that ensures that your website ranks well on Search Engines when people search for your products or Services. We offer onsite SEO for new websites we are building, you can check out our webdesign services if you need to build a new website in Nigeria.

These are Search Engine Optimization techniques applied to your website itself, this includes increasing your website load speed, applying the right meta tags, using the right titles and headers, describing your images, robot file setups and a host of other things that need to be done on your website to instruct google on what to find interesting enough to rank you for.

Offsite SEO includes all the the optimization done on other web pages outside of your own website, and how these external pages link up to and describe your website. This is a bit harder than onsite SEO since the optimization is done on websites that do not belong to you.

What is Local Search Engine Optimization?

Local Search Engine Optimization is the optimization that is done to target people searching for a product or service from a particular geographic location. This is the main Optimization we perform, because it is more effective targetting a key phrase like "Printers in Nigeria" than just "Printers"

How is SEO different from SEM?

SEO produces organic rankings on Search Engines, while SEM places sponsored rankings on the Search Engine. For SEO, you will pay SEO experts to optimize your page to rank on the front page, after which you might never need to make any other payment to remain on the front page, but this usually requires waiting for weeks to even months while the optimizer works and Google re-ranks. However, if you want your website to appear on the front page of Google immediately, you will put down a budget to spend on Google and pay an Ad manager for managing that Ad if you cannot manage it yourself, but your AD stops showing immediately you exhaust your budget.

Who generates the content to post?

We generate contents for posts, but written articles are collected from the clients or we charge extra for writing articles posted on LinkedIn or Medium.

What Social Media Platforms do you manage?

We currently post to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, we manage pages on other Social Media Platforms too like LinkedIn and Medium.

Is there any guarantee of reach?

We do not guarantee any number of reach, however, we set post goals on different Platforms. These targets and their distribution is based on the Social Media Management package that you have opted for.

How do I know what you are doing?

You would have access to the Facebook Insights page for campaigns that we are directing visitors to your page, and we would do a Google Analytics setup for Campaigns that we are directing visitors to your website. You can choose to view this reports whenever you choose to, additionally we compile a weekly report for select account categories, outside of the report you have access to already.

How do I boost my Post?

Post boosting is a Social Media Advertising strategy. WHich requires paying for Facebook to boost your post to people even outside your network. For more information about this, visit our Digital Marketing page

Can you rank me on number 1?

We do not guarantee a number 1 ranking, though a lot of our clients end up with Number 1 ranking, what we do work towards is ensuring you come to the front page of the Serch Engine (Top 10), by the time we meet this goal, our contractual agreement with you would have been met, you can however extend the work indefinitely until the number 1 ranking is achieved and maintained

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