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There are over 16 million active daily users of Facebook in Nigeria! Imagine if you can reach just 1% of that market with your products and services, that is 160,000 sales of your product just from Facebook alone. Still following this example, if it cost you N5 to acquire a customer (CPA) and you make a profit of N100 on each product sale, that's an initial investment of N800,000 (N5 x 160,000) for a profit of N16,000,000 (N100 x 160,000).
Now the above is just fictitious figures, but the amazing thing about the Internet is the incredibly low cost of customer acquisition, which enables a wider profit sometimes even after offering discounted sales.

If you would like to advertise online, contact us today, to review what platform will perform the most for your product. We currently run adverts on Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Bing, and other Websites through Google Adwords.

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Social Media Advertising (SMA)

Beyond Social Media page setups, postings and content management which we do in our Social Media Management service, we also run adverts on Social Media platforms, ranging from Facebook Advertising to Tweet boosting and Article exposures.

Social Media Adverts give your products and services more exposure beyond your immediate online circle of friends. So it is money well spent when it is targeted to a particular segmented by Age, Geographic location, Gender, and / or Interest.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Because SEO is organic, it usually takes between several weeks to several months for your website to start ranking on the front page of Google for the keywords you have selected.

However, for immediate results across various websites, you should create an advert budget for Google Ads, this will enable you feature on Google Search Result pages, and the several thousand websites carrying Google Adsense, like Jumia and Konga does.
SEM covers Google Search Advertising and Google Banner Advertising


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