Online Payment ( Local | International )

Online Payment

Waiting for customers to make a payment after having expressed interest in your products or services can be very worrying. Will the client keeps postponing his/her visit to the bank? Is she wondering if you get alerts or if you will know what she is paying for? You on the other hand, are wondering whether they forgot about your product or have totally lost interest in your service.

Why not make payment for your products or services straightforward by integrating payment into your website? This way, when customers select the Products or Services they want, they are automatically directed to a page where they can pay with their ATM cards, and you get payment confirmation and the exact products or services they have paid for.

Recurring Payments are also supported, so payment integration fits perfectly into Subscription services (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually e.t.c.) and association levies.

Local Naira Payment

Local Payment

Nearly everyone now has an ATM card, and more people are more comfortable using their cards for purchases, ranging from being willing to swipe their ATM cards in POS machines to online card purchases or utility payments. There is no better time to offer online payment in Nigeria. Differentiate yourself from your competition, accept Card and USSD payments today!

International Dollar Payments

International Payment

The days of wondering how a client outside Nigeria will pay for your products or services is thankfully coming to an end. You no longer need to make International clients go through the stress of going to the bank to do an International Fund transfer or Initiate a Western Union transfer. Most just abandon you and your product if payment becomes a hassle.