Mobile Business Productivity Tools

Have you ever been on the road, and needed to edit a Microsoft Word or Excel FIle and send it to a colleague in the office? Or going for a presentation and suddenly remembering your powerpoint is on the computer or not accessible?
You will learn how to use Mobile Tools to create and Edit your Office documents, convert to PDF, and even send to print, from your mobile device.

Website Design with BootStrap

Would you like to learn how to design and develop Professional looking websites in as little as 4 weeks?
Our Web Development Training teaches you HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and BootStrap within a four weeks period.
At the end of Class, you would have developed a Project using the modern web development skills you learnt in Class.

Social Media and Digital Marketing

Our Social Media and Digital Marketing Training covers Social Media Management, Social Profiling, Social Media Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Social Mentions, Search Engine Marketing, and Website Traffic Analysis.

We will train your team on how to collectively contribute to Brand exposure and Online Sales of your products and Services, and how they can work together to ensure that your brand continues to enjoy positive digital visibility

Web Programming with PHP / Python

Become a full fledged programmer, take our Laravel (PHP framework) or Django (Python framework) course today and start developing powerful applications with modern cutting Edge technologies.

Python is becoming one of the world's most popular programming languages and is used extensively in Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences (Python most popular Language), while PHP is currently used by 79.0% of all the websites on the Internet (PHP Web Share), making it the most used programming language for websites